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The Prince & the Princess

Can you see the young prince?
Hidden behind the veil of memory
Away from easy view but vivid in my mind
Removed from my life not once- twice
Little Prince, my pride, my boy, my memory
Eternity are the years that tick away- wondering where he is
Somewhere stands a Prince- Sir Charles- my boy

Many times I sit and imagine what I miss
Only in my day dreams are we together
Only in my imagination do we do things together
Remembering the young Prince
Entrapped in a memory of the past, a dream of what is not


Visions of a lovely Princess shimmer in my memory
Embodied in a tragic time when all was taken away
Removed too, my daughter, the Prince's sister
Out there, somewhere, is my Princess
Not knowing I think of them, dream of them, miss them
In the days I wanted to teach her to be a fine Princess and
Carry them on my shoulders to the play ground or beach
Another man was there- in my place- holding my memories

Somewhere stands a Princess- Lady Veronica- my girl
Unaware that I care
Each year that goes by, I drop more tears and think of my Little Princess

I remember the Prince & Princess and wonder how they are today
How has their life turned out? Do they remember me? Do they care about me?
What do they look like today? Are they healthy? Are they happy?
Will they ever be my son and daughter again? Or have I lost them forever?

Alcoholism and drug addiction took more than my pride and dignity- I lost a military career, I lost a wife, I lost a son & a daughter, I lost a future with my kids, I lost watching them grow up, I lost the chance to teach them.
I doubt I will ever see them again. Lord knows what they remember, or what their mom will tell them.
I can only pray that their life turns out OK and that they don't believe I abandoned them.
I can only pray for the strength to live with the pain of loss and the faith that what will be will be best.

I gave up trying to stay in touch with them when they were young- I heard from their aunt that it wasn't good for them because their mom kept moving every time I found them. And then when the youngest was eighteen, I tried to find them to no avail. I have no clue where to look or what her last name is now. I was surprised at how many people out there are named the same as they are.

I dedicate this page to Charles & Veronica
And to all the children who have lost a father or mother and all the fathers and mothers who have lost kids because of the wickedness of alcoholism or drug addiction. May the spirit bring peace to their hearts.

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