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This section is where you find information about me. As with many people, there is no one thing than defines me. Parts of my life are seemingly unconnected other than they are different aspects of one persons life. Like being a biker and a ham radio operator. Or a biker in recovery. For some peoples concepts, that is almost un-natural - a biker that doesn't drink, drug, and raise a ruckus. I also felt it would be easier and flow more smoothly if I shared different aspects of my life independently. None the less, it's all part of the big picture of who Wolf is.

So, here it is:

Brief history - birth to today: Brief

My recovery from alcoholism and drug abuse: Recovery

A few of the "miracles" related to my recovery: Miracles

The work I do with and for disabled people: Work

Public service I do as a ham radio operator: Service

The hobbies I enjoy when I set aside the time: Hobbies