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Motorcycling. As a teen, I rode dirt bikes whenever I could. I rode street bikes for a few years in the early 80's until I totaled a bike and nearly killed myself driving drunk. I didn't ride again until I was clean and sober for four years and have been riding street bikes again since 1994. Most of that time I have been riding with groups. I rode with A.R.M. (Association of Recovering Motorcyclists) for 6 years. In 2001, I left A.R.M. and joined Sober Bikers United as a founding member.

I am a founding member of Sober Bikers United and have served SBU in a number of positions and ways helping this organization grow into a unique and wonderful international support group for bikers who have chosen to take a path of abstinence from drugs and alcohol. I joined SBU in February 2000 while it was in it's formative stages in Florida and have had the joy of being part of something that has become an international incorporated organization with members and chapters in Sweden, Israel, Canada, and all over the United States.

Sober Bikers United, NOT a motorcycle club. It is an International family oriented fellowship of clean and sober bikers whose primary goal is to have fun and share the clean and sober biker lifestyle. You don't have to be a biker to be a member. You don't have to own a bike. You don't have to be in recovery. The only requirement for membership is that you live and/or support a clean and sober biker lifestyle and like motorcycles.
There are no gender, race, or recovery program requirements for membership.

Unlike a club, you do not have to own, drive, or be a passenger on a motorcycle. We understand that those who may need our fellowship the most may have lost their drivers licence, motorcycle, or significant other by the time they realized it was time for a change of life style. Most of our membership is made up of bikers in recovery and their significant others. Some of our members are "supporters," people who are not in recovery but prefer to ride with groups that are not drinking and drugging along the way, or the significant other of someone in recovery. Some are "normal" people who can have a drink now and then without consequences. They do not drink during or before we gather together for fellowship. We do expect that no one drinks or drugs while wearing the patch. And we do expect that those who claim to be recovering members are abstinent and making some sort of honest effort to overcome the behaviors and attitudes that are prevalent symptoms of the disease of addiction and alcoholism.

We wear a patch, not to be "like" a club, but to be visible to those who may need, but not be aware of a fellowship such as ours, and to identify with each other in our fellowship. We do not "act like" a club by having presidents, Sgt @ Arms, or other officers. Instead, as an incorporated group, we have a Board of Directors for guidance and governance. There is no hierarchy in SBU.

Learn more about SBU by visiting their official web site at

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