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This was written towards the end of one of my creative writing courses at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Although it was written about the class, I find it to be very fitting here and felt I should share it with all who visit.

Our Moment
All life comes together in a moment. A question may plague us for years, and then life comes together and a flash of insight seems so simple. And then it comes apart again and there is a new question. If it was so simple, then why was it so hard to figure out?

When the eagle calls out, the mouse freezes, and the cricket escapes, and the owl opens a lazy eye, and the wolf sniffs the air for a better understanding, and the rabbit sees the wolf in time, and that blade of grass will grow longer and become part of a robins nest, and a baby bird will have a softer crib… and life comes together for a moment- then comes apart again so it can continue to move like fluid, like a river, like energy. It seems we too, you and I, have come together in a moment- a moment of time, and then came apart, to come together again for another moment at another time. And we are together now, in this moment, with sadness; because we know we are about to come apart again. And in parting, some of us will come apart inside- for a moment, until a new moment is born and life comes together again in a different place for a different reason.

May the Spirit guide you on smooth trails. And may the Star Nation bring soft light to your darkest nights. Go knowing that you have touched a life and have been important here. Go knowing that everyone you encounter is your teacher and that if you walk in a good way, the children will learn good things from you. Go knowing that you choose your own trail and that what ever trail you follow, no matter which way you try to go, you will come to the place where you are supposed to be in the final moments.

Thank you for the moments we have shared, Wolf

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