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I am
a gladiator in lifes arena.
My opponent is larger than me.
He is powerful and cunning.
He is a vicious and dirty fighter.
Sometimes he plays dead,
and when I lower my guard, he lashes out
with a stunning blow.
Sometimes he screams and flashes terrible
memories in my face.
He exploits my weakness
and attacks with a series of numbing blows.
He is known across the lands
to be a brutal killer.
He is known as
Alcoholism and Addiction.

He has nearly killed me
more than once.
He hopes to spill my blood.
I once feared him- only now,
I respect his power and fear only
my own complacency and ego.
He sucks his power from within me.

When I face him in this arena, I know,
I have many supporters in the crowd.
I hear them cheer when I raise back from a powerful blow.
They go wild when I stand strong and deflect his vicious wrath.
Some cry cheers of support,some yell words of warning.
They roar with support when I lash back with vengeance.
Some stand silent clasping their hands and
feed me strength through their prayer.

My opponent is powerful, cunning, and swift to baffle
He has won many battles in this arena of life.
Many fighters he has beaten to death.
He has killed with a single, swift blow.
And mangled others beyond hope, then left them to die.
The flying remnants of his opponents have
shattered many a spectators life.
But he too has lost some battles in this arena.
Some have died fighting hard but some
have left this arena undefeated.
Some have lost battles against him
but returned to fight and win with wisdom.

Each day, I honor the spirit and walk in life
I pray for experience and strength
so I may keep hope and fight with
honor, dignity, and respect.

And each day, the Spirit of the steps gives me
strength, hope, wisdom, and serenity so that I may fight
as a warrior, without fear of death.
I am a gladiator.
Life on life's terms is my arena.

Inspired by the Creator
and a letter to my parents.

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