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I never have enough time for my hobbies. Before recovery, the only hobby I had was working on cars and motorcycles. They are both rather expensive. Since getting into recovery, I have uncovered several creative sides of me. Most of them still require some cash but non are "expensive" other than ham radio and of course, photography when I go on a "binge." Then the cost of film and processing can add up.

There is not one hobby I prefer over the other. Each has a place in my life based on where I am emotionally and spiritually and how much time I have to enjoy.

Geocaching. (gee oh cashing) is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. Geocaching is enjoyed by people from all age groups, with a strong sense of community and support for the environment.
I have made it my personal standard to CITO when I go geocaching. CITO stands for Cache In Trash Out. This is the practice of picking up trash along the way when you are seeking out a cache and removing the trash from the area to be disposed of properly and responsibly.
More About Geocaching

Photography. I am purely a hobby photographer, however, I have taken begriming and advance college courses in photography and have done a number of showings. Many people have told me my work is just like a professional. Most of my work is don in 35mm SLR and some in digital. As yet, I have not invested in a good SLR digital. On occasion, I will do a wedding or graduation photos. Hope you enjoy a small portion of my photos I have on the web.
Photography by Wolf

Motorcycling. As a teen, I rode dirt bikes whenever I could. I rode street bikes for a few years in the early 80's until I totaled a bike and nearly killed myself driving drunk. I didn't ride again until I was clean and sober for four years and have been riding street bikes again since 1994. Most of that time I have been riding with groups. I rode with A.R.M. (Association of Recovering Motorcyclists) for 6 years. In 2001, I left A.R.M. and joined Sober Bikers United as a founding member. SBU is not a "club" and does not mimic MC traditions. One of the key factors we were looking at in the early formative months was that traditionally, you had to own and ride a 750cc or bigger bike to be a member of a motorcycle club or association. By the time some bikers reach bottom, their bike has gone up their nose and/or they have lost their license. We felt that more than others, these were the people who needed the C&S biker fellowship early in recovery. SBU does not require members to own or ride to join and does not require prospecting (we're not a club). SBU is run by a board of directors and has no presidents or officers. There is no hierarchy and anyone who rides, rides wherever in the pack they feel comfortable. Recovering, non-recovering, male and female members all wear the same patch. Our patch is not considered "colors" as we are not a club. We wear a patch to identify with each other and to be visible to and 12-step those bikers who need recovery but aren't yet aware that there are C&S groups out there.
Sober Bikers United

Jewelry Making. I started making earrings early in recovery to fill in some of the "free time" that once was spent using drugs and drinking. Now I make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hat bands, and boot bands. This is one of my "quiet time" hobbies and I generally give away what I make as holiday, birthday, anniversary gifts and random acts of kindness. Occasionally, I will sell something that someone requests and now and then I sell some to offset the cost of materials. In reality, I never have and probably never will make back what I spend on this hobby. It's all good though because the look on someone's face when they unexpectedly receive such a gift is priceless.
Pictures of my jewelry

Wood Burning. Another "quiet time" hobby of mine. I learned wood burning when I was a teen but never did it again until I got into recovery. All of what I make is given as gifts. This is not a "cheap" hobby as the best woods for wood burning are also expensive.
Pictures of wood burning

Creative Writing. I really never knew I was a writer until I went to college. English 101 is a required course and it includes several different writing assignments. The first "short story" I turned in, the professor informed me it was almost ready to publish. I took several additional advanced writing courses and have been published. Published work includes several poems and short stories, a technical paper published in an American Psychological Association journal and undergraduate research published by the Midwestern Psychological Association.
My writing

Ham radio. For many people this is purely a hobby and they enjoy talking to as many people all around the world. The equipment is rather expensive but it's not a "recurring" expense as with film and processing for photography. For me, the hobby of it is helping people have a good and safe time by providing communications support at public events like marathons, triathlons, and charity walks. My primary involvement in ham radio is for public service as a volunteer storm spotter.
W9SBU - Ham Radio

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