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Without Knowing

I came upon you when you were unguarded.
You were not prepared for my sudden presence.
And I saw, for a fleeting second, the truth of your eyes.

You are not at home here.
This is not your world.
Nor are you only one; you come as many.
A manifestation of women and men--
and others unknown.

You are not at home here.
You come from other worlds.

Your soul is sweet and radiant,
like the Jesus you resemble.
But, your unguarded eyes flash horrors
beyond Satan's deepest dreams.
The glare of terror hides behind your mortal eyes,
as your transient soul cries out for home.

And as we gazed at each other
through the mirror,
a silent pact was sealed.

Our truth was to remain hidden from us,
for we can continue to live,
only without knowing.

Charles Clark
Dreams Recalled

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