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Where this Wolf runs.

These are some of the Internet sites that I have enjoyed. I hope you can find a site or two that you can enjoy or enhance your life with. I have tried to divide the list into sections and have the various sections listed. Click on the section name and it will take you right to that part of the list. May the Great Spirit smooth the trail you travel today and may the moon and Star Nation give light to your dark times.

Recognized Top 100 Photographer on



Clean & Sober Bikers... what a concept hey?

Sober Bikers United

Hawg's Page
Nitros Mike


Deb Donnelly Artist, Scrimshander.

Michael Hupy & Associates - Biker Support

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Biker and Motorcycle links:

Patriot Gaurd Riders

Sober Bikers United

American Motorcycle Association
Motorcycle Riders Foundation
ABATE of Wisconsin
Ronnie Cramer's Motorcycle Web Index

The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Safety - Thanks Phoebe!

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12-Step Recovery Pages:

Day by Day with Shelly Marshall
Narcotics Anonymous Home Page
Alcoholics Anonymous Home Page

Recovery Connection

Mental Health Service Provider Search

How to say NO to drugs
includes great resources for teens. Thank you Kim!

Teen Rehab
Teen resources and info

Sober Sites

Clean And Sober Not Dead
Web of Addictions
dryblog Daily Log of recovery related resources

Recovery Universe
Clean and Sober cruises...
Caribbian Winters, Alaskan Summers
Chat Now!
Choices recovery merchandise and resources

Recovery Life
Powerfully Recovered
is a great resource and is activly building a vast link data base

Sober Bikers United

Links associated with 12-Step Recovery

Self Help Wellness Links

National Association on Alcohol, Drugs & Disability

Stop and Think Radio - Recovery Radio on Demand

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Prevention Links:

Drug Prevention 4 Teens (pdf)

Addiction Prevention: Essential Lesson Plans for K-12 Educators

Addiction Prevention Lesson Plans and Classroom Resources

Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide

Teen Depression: A Guide for Parents

Mental Health Service Provider Search

Join Together On-line
National Resource for Communities Fighting Substance Abuse
Day by Day with Shelly Marshall

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Governmet, Scholastic, Research pages on Drug/Alcohol Abuse:

National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Information
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Alternatives to 12-Step recovery

Alternative Treatments for Addiction

Rational Recovery Web Center
Narconon Canada

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Psychology related Web Sites

Dual Diagnosis related to AODA
Self Psychology
National Psychological Association fo Psychoanalisis
Psychology Department at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

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Native American Sites:

Indian Wisdom Prayers & Quotes.
Native American Resources
Native Web

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Ham Radio Emergency Communications W9SBU My Ham Radio Page

ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League)

Wisconsin Emergency Management

Fond du Lac County REACT
(Radio Emergency Associated Communication Teams)
Fox Cities Area Radio Club)

Weather Links

Weather Net
NOAA National Weather Service

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This page last updated on Aug 30, 2014