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Sometimes, Someone touches my life...

I wrote this poem during the first year of my recovery (1990) from alcoholism and addiction. The original poem was for those special people that made a difference in my recovery... counselors and treatment center staff (St. Agnes Hospital in Fond du Lac, WI), and those around the tables that helped me learn, grow, and find hope.

Over time, I realized that many more people "touched" my life in many ways; both in and out of recovery. Sometimes just a good looking woman passing by or a guy that stops and offers help or someone that somehow made a difference in life. Fellow students in college, co-workers, friends.
And the "illuminated ones."

In response, I revised the poem to encompass a wider group of "special" people. For many years now, I have carried copies with me and when someone somehow reminds me of the poem, I give them a copy.

That might be how you got here! For many years, there was no way for the recipient to "find" me if they wanted to. Often, I handed them a copy and they would never see me again. It was brought to my attention one day that giving a copy of the poem to someone had prevented a suicide and that the recipient had been trying to find out who I was for over a year to thank me for saving their life (I didn't save their life... the Spirit inspired me to give them an opportunity to find hope and reason to live). Since then, I have included my email address and web site on the back of the poem. Maybe that is how you ended up here... because you were one of those "special" people who somehow made a difference in my life and got a copy of the poem.

It's not a come on or a minor thing. If you were given a copy by me, then you really are a special person who has somehow touched my life. Thank you for that.

The Illuminated Ones
There are a few who I give a copy of the poem to I consider the "illuminated ones."
Picture a large room that has four round ceiling lights. There are chairs scattered randomly in the room and when a group of people enter the room and take a seat, they may sit where the chair is or they may move the chair then sit. The odds are against someone sitting directly under a light but it could happen. That person would stand out a little more than all the others in the room because they are more illuminated than all the others.
Each morning, I pray to Creator that if there is someone I can help or needs encouragement or hope, that I be aware of them. If I suddenly become aware of a specific person - someone who is "illuminated." I respond to that as it could be Creator asking me to help or it could be simply someone who "stands out" for some reason. I don't take the chance not to answer to a higher vision and sometimes, offering this poem as hope or encouragement or gratitude for their presence is my response to that spiritual possibility. Perhaps you were one of the "illuminated ones." Where you having a bad day? Did you feel discouraged just before I gave you the poem? Where you troubled or sad about something when I came by? Then very possibly the Creator sent me to lift your spirit and renew your hope. Or maybe it is just coincidence that you were unhappy and I saw you and decided you were beautiful or special in some way. (If you believe in coincidence. Some say coincidence is when the Great Spirit wants to do a good thing but remain anonymous!)

If I gave you a copy of this poem and you wanted to talk about it, feel free to email or call me.
If you got it from someone else, then you must be special to them. I hope they didn't plagiarize me and acknowledged that I am the author of the poem.
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Someone touches my life
in a special kind of way.
A warm smile when I’m
feeling down or lonely.
An encouraging word when
I’m feeling unsure or insecure.
Someone who makes me feel
really good, without even trying
Just being themselves—
a very special person.
Someone who has an inner beauty
that touches my heart or soul.
Maybe someone who has an
outer beauty, like a tender rose,
passing by; adding a bit of
appeal to my life at that moment.
A friend just when I need one;
someone to talk to.
Or just a special person
adding a little to my life
as our paths cross.
Someone special.
Someone just like you!

Thank you for touching my life
in such a tender way!

-Charles “Wolf” Clark-