This is just a rough draft of the final tribute to Patches. Check back in the near future for
her tribute when it is "polished."
Patches was a German short-hair pointer who came to me through a co-worker. Mary lived in the country and one weekend heard car doors close out on the road. When she looked out, she saw a car driving away and assumed they had switched drivers. A little later, she noticed a strange dog in the backyard playing with her dog.
It seems Patches had been abandoned there.
Initially, Mary had intended to keep Patches and give her a new home. However, Patches turned out to be an "underfoot" dog and caused Mary and her husband to fall several times when they tripped over her. Mary's husband decided she needed a new home by Friday.
On Friday, after work, Mary brought Patches over to my house where she would be temporarily hosted until a new home could be found for her
After spending the weekend with me, Patches had sealed our bond and on Monday, I informed Mary that Patches was already settled into her new home. At the time, none of us knew the impact Patches would have on my life when she would be the first one to intervene with my suicidal intentions several months later.
After struggling with life for several years as an alcoholic and valium addict, I made the decision to end my life. I sat down on the couch one night and put a .357 magnum to my head to make it all stop. Patches interrupted me and kept me from pulling the trigger. That was 1/27/90.

Patches turned out to be a great companion, especially after I got into recovery.
She traveled well and often went on 100+ mile trips with me to camp outs and other functions. We were together almost always whenever I wasn't at work and she was even "expected" at AA and NA meetings that I frequented.
More to come soon.

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