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I'd just like to say thank you to all the people who have emailed me about this page, but I'd also like to reiterate that I did not create this wonderful page.  I merely archived it when the server it was originally on was having problems.  Oh, and I did add the midi file for God Bless the USA too.  I do want to thank Earthlink for going above and beyond the call of duty to keep this page up.  They've ignored their own traffic quota limit on personal webspace and have even added extra server capacity, just to keep this page up.


European Union

American Consulate, Sydney, Australia

Inside the Volkswagen Autostadt Company in Wolfsburg, Germany

Buckingham Palace, London

American Consulate, Hamburg, Germany

Copenhagen, Denmark

American Embassy, Berlin, Germany

American Embassy, Copenhagen, Denmark

American Embassy, Helsinki, Finland

American Embassy, Moscow, Russia

American Embassy, Oslo, Norway

American Embassy, Stockholm, Sweden

American Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

American Embassy, Warsaw, Poland


Gothenburg, Sweden

The Kremlin, Moscow

A lab opening in Canada

London, UK

Maiseieres, Belgium

Minsk, Belarus

Moscow, Russia

Munich, Germany

New Zealand

Oslo, Norway

Palestenians in East Jerusalem

Prague, Czech Republic

Pristina, Kosovo

Players in a football game in Germany, unwilling to compete after Tuesday's attack. The EUFA ordered the game to be played, so for most of the game the players defiantly played spiritlessly and uncompetitively.

Tirana, Albania

Zagreb, Croatia

Rome, Italy

Frankfurt, Germany

Ottawa, Canada

Dhaka, Bangladesh

American Consulate, St. Petersburg, Russia

American Consulate, Toronto

American Embassy, Skopje, Macedonia

American Embassy, Beijing, China

American Embassy, Nicosia, Cyprus

Cathedral in Dresden, Germany

American Embassy, London, UK

American Embassy, Manila, Phillippines

American Embassy, Seoul, South Korea

American Embassy, Minsk, Belarus

Medellin, Colombia