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Wolf running with the Spirit Wind


Below are links to a few of my writings. They are all copy written, however, you are welcome to make copies to share with others so long as you acknowledge the author. I hope you enjoy but, most of all, I hope you can find a connection or something that will help you better your life. But first, here is a piece of wisdom about patience and anger- The Wolves Within

The Gladiator
Journey of the Dragon Tamer
Without Knowing
Free Flight
I Am
* Final Moments
* This is a short story and may be "intense" for some people.
If you don't want to cry, don't go there!

This poem is written in dedication to my son & daughter.
I had not seen them in many, many years when I wrote it.
Since then we have been reunited. Read about the reunion
using the second link "12th Year Miracle"
The Prince & the Princess
12th Year Miracle

Farewell Message
Please stop here befor you leave my sight!

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